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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lunar Baedeker: A Hex Presse Poetry Puzzle inspired by Mina Loy

@ the Hex Presse etsy shop

ABOUT "Lunar Baedeker"

This puzzle was inspired by Mina Loys's Poem "Lunar Baedeker"


*The letters of six words from the poem: chandelier, whirl, phosphorous, ecstatic, museums, infusoria. The letters appear on brightly-colored plastic beads.

*one hematite bead

*tiny silver key

*blue yarn

*two mermaids

*zinnia seeds

*tiny silver bells

*small brown glass bottle

*bundle of bedtime tea (organic mint and chamomile) tied with iridescent organza ribbon.

*3 black licorice cats

*blue and purple sequins

*tiny blue crayon

*bitty dried flowers

*flower shaped sequins

*white feathers

*iridescent bird confetti

*small white plastic dove

*3 sea-green medium sized beads

*red glass heart

*six hexagon shaped zinc nuts

*small round mirror

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