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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some Things to look forward to from HEX PRESSE


GWENDOLYN BROOKS curated by Evie Shockley
GERTRUDE STEIN curated by kathryn l. pringle and Magdalena Zurawski
LORINE NIEDECKER curated by Julia Drescher
ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING curated by Catherine Daly
AUDRE LORDE curated by Kate Greenstreet
VIRGINIA WOOLF curated by Michalle Gould
CHRISTINA ROSSETTI ("a summer wish") curated by Jessica Smith


The letters of six words from a single poem are gathered and stored in test tubes and specimen jars. Because the letters are impressed on the beads, once can also "feel" the letters, thus allowing for the experience of "feeling" and "seeing" as simultaneous acts of "reading." In addition to letters, other materials are harvested and added to the tube/ jar for further delight and stimulation. These additional materials are carefully selected and are -- to a certain degree -- intended to conjure sensory details related to the poetry. The tubes and jars can be emptied and their letter contents "solved" to spell the words from the poem. Additionally, the letters can be used to make anagrams and new words. Like Cleromancy games, Hex Presse poetry puzzles are an exciting, surprising, and unique way to experience poetry.


Another fun and intriguing way to engage with poetry. Spool Poems are written on ribbon and wound onto spools. To read the poem, simply unspool the ribbon. The act of unspooling/unwinding allows the reader/unspooler to engage the pace of the poem. Additionally, the spool allows for a reading experience that is distinctly different from that in which the poem is on the page. Along with the words themselves, Hex Presse poetry spools allow readers to enjoy movements of the hands and eyes that are less familiar. Unlike Cleromancy Games and Test Tube/Specimen Jar Poetry, new poems by contemporary poets are published in the Spool Poetry series.


Hex Presse chapbooks are printed in handbound limited editions. Our first chapbook will be Resurrection Party by Michalle Gould (read a poem from Resurrection Party here). Six "special editions" will be housed in a unique, woodburned box. Resurrection Party should be available for purchase in August.


All proceeds from Hex Presse publications go directly back into the press. Hex Presse is committed to paying chapbook authors for their work. Cleromancy Game Curators receive a copy of their Cleromancy Game and a copy of each chapbook published by Hex Presse.


lex said...

i love these games. i'm going to experiment with some for june jordan and dionne brand. brilliant.
(and thanks for the link!)

Michelle Detorie said...

Do you want to curate a June Jordan cleromancy game for Hex Presse? e-mail me a femme feral at gmail dot com if you are interested.